Dust, Mist and Fume Collector to Clean Up Your Factory

Camfil Air Pollution Control (APC) Brings ict expertise of industrial dust in the cleaning of manufacturing processes. Almost all manufacturing processes génèrentdes dust or fumes . Camfil APC manufactures precipitators all kinds of dust or fumes.

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Advanced Manufacturing Techniques

  • Laboratory  tests on dust  at the forefront of technology
  • The APC equipment and Camfil filters are Manufactured to ISO9001 certification standards in Jonesboro, Arkansas (USA). The Camfil APC factory in Europe is Located in Heywood, England. 
  • The workflow is simplified and streamlined through generation CNC equipment and certified welders.


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Camfil APC, which is headquartered in Jonesboro, Arkansas, United States, is simply Known As Camfil Farr APC Gold in North and South America. We also have factories in Laval (Canada), Manchester (UK), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Slovakia. All thesis plants are ISO 9001 Camfil APC HAS year Increasing number of facilities and sales outlets worldwide .

Global Reach

Camfil APC manufactures their products and provides expertise over the world. We currently operate five factories on three continents, supported by local agents in a wide range of countries. No matter where your factory or processing plant is located, Camfil APC will be able to offer you expertise, support and market-leading products.

Four out of five of our Factories:

Aerial view of Camfil APC Jonesboro
Jonesboro: Arkansas, USA
Camfil APC Heywood Plant - United Kingdom
Heywood: England, UK
Tuttlingen Plant - Germany
Tuttlingen: Germany
Taicang Plant - China
Taicang: China


At Camfil APC, respect for the environment is one of our Priorities, starting with our products. We help our customers Reduce Their environmental impact by Preventing the spread in the air of the work environment or discharge to air pollutants thousand. Our equipment is built to last; so we generate less waste. Our technology HemiPleat HAS Revolutionized the field of fight against air pollution thanks to a highly efficient filter That can last twice as long as the products of competing brands. This filter Contributes to sustainable development while saving energy. Even paint our Gold Series dust collectors Farr is green, and it is not only the color: in fact, we use a spray painting process environmentally friendly to Avoid the emission of VOCs. We also equip our high efficiency fan motors. We are Constantly Introducing new green initiatives.

Camfil APC is a division of Camfil, Whose registered office is in Trosa, Sweden; we are a global company Specializing in air filtration. Camfil HAS divisions Specializing in air conditioning filters (HVAC), HEPA filters, clean rooms, filtration of the intake of gas turbine air filtration in a hospital environment, in the filtration sector rail traction and filters odor carbon. With its factories and offices present in Almost all regions of the world, Camfil company will Satisfy your air filtration needs.



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Camfil is the first company Specializing in air filtration in the world to publish a Sustainability Report. This report Describes the work for sustainable development, objective and performance indicators. It can be downloaded from the website  camfil.com .


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