Dépoussiéreurs pour du grenaillage

Farr Gold Series® sur des applications de grenaillage

Pour l’ensemble des applications de grenaillage, les dépoussiéreurs à cartouche Farr Gold Series offrent des performances exceptionnelles.

Dusting all types of blasting:

  • Blasting projection
  • pneumatic blasting
  • Stripping Machines
  • blasting booths
  • sandblasting
  • Abrasive blasting

Special conditions for:

  • Blasting the aluminum
  • Sand blasting

GS96 Farr dust collector was blasting wheel Application

One model GS20 on dust from a blasting cabin

Shot peening is a very diverse market consisting of wheel assemblies, tires and other machines to be stripped. The projected product also varies greatly: it may be sand, steel, plastic and various shots. Camfil APC has numerous references in this type of applications.

Security measures

When stripping aluminum, additional safety measures must be taken. The dust must be located outside and fitted with explosion vents, cartridges with flame retardant and fire suppression system. If other pickled materials present risks of fire or explosion, additional security measures will be taken. In the case of sandblasting, we will be attentive to silica dust in suspension and therefore the means to implement.

Product Advantages Farr Gold Series

  • Vertically Arranged cartridges avez la Ability to handle heavy and abrasive grain loadings handle dusts better than Arranged horizontally cartridges. 
  • High entry cross flow inlet  Eliminates upward can Velocities That can hold fine powder up in the filters Reducing re-entrainment of the fine particles.
  • The robust structure of the Farr Gold Series holds up well in a very abrasive environment. Our abrasion resistant inlet configuration knocks MOST of the dust into the hopper before it gets to the cartridges.
  • Modular building has great design flexibility. In blasting applications from job website Typically require exchange in unit orientations. The Farr Gold Series can Accommodate!
  • High efficiency filters stop 99.99% at 0.5μ of the dust!
  • Special Treated filter media repels the fine particle for lower pressure drop and longer filter life.
  • Gold Cone ®  Provides 25% more media for long service life.

Blasting Customers

  • Automation Engineering & MFG.
  • SAFE Systems, Inc.
  • 3M Company
  • George Welding, Inc.
  • FT. Wayne Foundry Industrial Air Systems
  • ATMI, Inc.
  • Mercades
  • Martin sproket & Gear Inc.
  • CMV Manufacturing
  • Steel Service Corp.
  • Steel Fab, Inc.
  • Valmont Industries
  • J. Ray MC Dermott, Inc.
  • Northrup Grumman Oilfield Marine Electric
  • Brazos Valve Service, Inc.
  • Russel Metals
  • Brunnquell Iron Works
  • Burlingame Sheet Metal

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