Dépoussiéreurs pour l’industrie agroalimentaire

Farr Gold Series® sur des applications agroalimentaires

Les unités Farr Gold Series permettent d'assurer la propreté des installations agroalimentaires, une condition essentielle pour la sécurité des employés et des visiteurs.

Applications in the food industry

  • Ingredients for cereal products
  • Spices
  • Seed processing
  • Raw agricultural products
  • Dust and eggshell

Special Considerations:

  • allergens
  • flour
  • Corn starch

Agri-food companies process raw agricultural products (eg cereals) into food products for our daily consumption (eg bread and cereal products). Dust removal can be applied to dry food ingredients (from the largest grains to the finest spices) but also to the additives. For sugars and other sticky dust, we adapt Dura-Pleat® spun-bonded Dura-Pleat® cartridges to the   Farr Gold Series (GS) units for more efficient cleaning. GS models are ideal for efficient filtration when product recovery is not required.

Dura-Pleat ® 100% Polyester Gold Cone Cartridge

Security measures

A clean agri-food facility is essential for the safety of employees and visitors. Slips and falls are a major problem for managing an agri-food business. Containment of free dust minimizes the risk of slippery soils. Some ingredients are allergens, another important concern for affected people. Airborne allergen particles can cause serious illness if ingested continuously or in large quantities.

Flours, corn starch and other starches are often explosive. In these applications, each Farr Gold Series unit is equipped with explosion-proof vents in accordance with ATEX safety standards. Camfil APC offers many solutions with its Farr Gold Series filters for these applications.


GS10 unit being installed at Cereal Ingredients, Inc.



List of customers using our products in the agri-food industry

  • Midwest PMS
  • Maruchan, Inc.
  • Nestle Corporation
  • Cereal Ingredients, Inc.
  • C & F Foods
  • Unilever Best Foods
  • Pro Pet
  • Baldwin Richardson Foods
  • H. Mueller-Thym
  • UBF Food Solutions
  • Bar-S Foods Company
  • Ach Food Companies
  • Head of Solutions
  • Tazo Tea
  • Wm. Wrigley, Jr. Company
  • Powder Systems, LLC
  • Ontario Foods
  • International Food Solutions
  • Newlyweds Foods

Stainless Steel Draft Hoods for Spice Weighing

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