Dépoussiéreurs d’aspiration de fumées pour la découpe plasma/laser

Les Farr Gold Series® sur des machines de découpe laser et plasma

Le système de nettoyage des Farr Gold Series a été spécialement conçu pour les machines de découpe laser/plasma.

processed machines

  • laser cutting machines
  • Plasma cutting machines

The cleaning system dust collectors  Farr Gold Series  has been specifically designed for laser and plasma cutting machines. In these applications, there is frequently the filter clogging problems. The overall design of the range Farr Gold Series (cleaning system, upper air inlet, vertical cartridges  Gold Cone ®  cartridge ) perfectly fits these applications and guarantee performance and durability. In most cases we see a life of the filter cartridges than 4000 hours.

Video: Décolmagae a cartridge HemiPleat Gold Cone

Farr Gold Series on machines laser cutting and plasma

Our equipment is designed for laser cutting machines / Plasma automatic. The fumes generated by the plasma and laser cutting tables are drawn through the grid. Slag fall into the area below the grid and the smoke is collected by the ducts then directed towards the precipitator Farr Gold Series to be filtered.

Security Dipositifs

The deflector with air inlet Farr Gold Series shall be used to redirect the slag to the hopper of the precipitator. A spark arrester must also be provided. The table deflectors also help to prevent sparks from reaching the precipitator. In some cases, a detection system and elimination of sparks can be envisaged.

It should always use cartridges with flame retardant and to provide fire sprinkler in the dust.

Anti-explosion vents are used in the aluminum cutting. The dust collector must be located outside. We recommend that customers check with the appropriate agencies, security standards such as ATEX regulations, fire safety, etc, related to their activities and products used



Sizing Recommendations

Two of the major MOST factoring in collector sizing are the expected amount of smoke particulate material and the file Managed Being Being cut.

Several things affect the amount of particulate file Managed Being (the loading). First is the amperage of the plasma cutter Itself. A 300 amp plasma will cut much faster and much-have a Higher loading than 100 amp plasma. Some tables May-have two heads operating at the time Sami.

A zoned table will-have a much Higher loading due to the lower airflow for the amount of material the file Managed Being. It Can Be Compared To capture source verses general ventilation is not zoned tables.

The air to cloth ratio for cutting carbon steel can be as high as 1.5: 1 on light loadings and heavy loadings shoulds be at no more than 1.0: 1 on HemiPleat ®  cartridges.

We are very happy with the Farr Gold Series. The GS36 Was purchased this for our CNC plasma cutter to replace a [competitor's] cartridge dust collector due to short filter life. The current filters-have-been in for over a year and still look great and are operating at less than 3 "pressure drop. Also, the Farr people-have-been a pleasure to do business with.


-Dan Schuler, Schuler Mfg.

When cutting aluminum, the air to cloth ratio shoulds aussi be lowered. The air to cloth ratio shoulds be no more than 1: 1 and is lighter loadings as low as 0.5: 1 is very heavy loadings. HemiPleat Fire Retardant cartridges shoulds be used in this thesis implementation at air to cloth ratios.

laser Cutting

Laser tables use a different technology than plasma for cutting tables, order the applications are very similar. The particulate from laser is much smaller and more spherical. Even though the loading is much lighter, the air to cloth ratio shoulds be from 1: 1 up to a maximum of 1.5: 1 on Farr Gold Series HemiPleat cartridges. The Above precautions for cutting aluminum on plasma tables shoulds be taken When cutting aluminum on a table laser.



Sizing dépoussiérieurs for plasma cutting / laser

  • Pro Productions
  • Lozier Corporation
  • Garco Building Systems
  • Multicam
  • United Sheet Metal
  • Bowlin Engineering
  • Trane
  • Rolls Royce ESO
  • Spencer Industries
  • Blue Origin
  • Solar Turbines
  • HFW Industries
  • Xceldyne
  • Honeywell
  • Senior Aerospace
  • Katema
  • Surface Dynamics
  • Honeywell Electronics
  • Parker Hannifin
  • Touch
  • Rutgers University
  • Del West Engineering
  • Bender machine
  • Maxwell Electronics
  • Plasma Coating Corporation
  • Siemens (EPCOS)
  • Price Pfister
  • General Electric
  • Southwest Aeroservices
  • Pentagon Technologies
  • Semicon Precision
  • UMS Semiconductor
  • Sermatech West
  • NGK Insulators
  • Tocalo
  • MVP
  • Flowserve
  • Electrocoatings

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