Dépoussiéreurs Farr Gold Series

Dépoussiéreurs Farr Gold Series

Les dépoussiéreurs et les extracteurs de fumées à cartouches Farr Gold Series® allient performances et simplicité d’entretien pour protéger l’environnement de travail des poussières et des fumées irritantes.

Industrial dust collectors

The Farr Gold Series is used in Thousands of applications in industrial air cleaning and product recovery, PARTICULARLY in the following areas:


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Explosion Protection Download Brochure (PDF)

Features and Benefits

  • The modular design of the Farr Gold Series products allows maximum workmanship for a set ultrafast place!
  • Robust construction - module made of steel 7 mm thick. The access door, the hopper, the air inlets and all panels are made of steel of 10 mm.
  • High resistance coating thermolacquered - All steel components UNDERGO cleaning with acid in 5 stages before the coating stage for maximum paint adhesion. Interior paint / exterior for unsurpassed resistance to weathering and corrosion.
  • Vertical design of the Gold Cone filter cartridges provides more efficient pulsing of high loading dust.
  • The upper air intake. Reducing the concentration of the media in the air.
  • Farr Gold Series models use the Gold Cone® cartridge technology which ensures clean air and long life.
  • Multiple filter media and pleat spacing options.

Farr Gold Series Farr Gold Series Farr Gold Series. The advantages in terms of service. Numerous, inclusive cartridges with easy and quick to replace.


The gateways to total hinge Provide quick access to the filter cartridges without reviews entering the precipitator. The door is fully reversible to enable access from Either Side; Moreover, it is Provided with an exclusive lock to Ensure worker safety.


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Access hatch

  • No decking to loosen or remove
  • No screws to tighten
  • Mechanical seal fixing
  • Thick sheets (3.2 mm)

Easy replacement

The Gold Cone Cartridges contain a patented curved bar that seals the cartridges without threads or buttons.



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The curved bar system Enables quick and simplified changes to the filter cartridges.



  • Events explosion
  • Rotary valve
  • Sealing lid
  • Window display of clean air box
  • Colors with the choices
  • NEMA7 / 9
  • Box for solenoid valves
  • Control of compressed air
  • Length of the supporting legs
  • Turning off valves freeze



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Fan mounted on top
Hopper with screw conveyor trough
Stainless Steel Construction Available
Steel structure stainless available
Air intakes resistant to abrasion, fan mounted on top, silent and Filter pressure monitoring

models configurations

Farr Gold Series units-have a modular design for maximum flexibility and commissioning ultrafast place! Each unit can accept airflows up to 8500 m3 / h. The configurations are limitless Almost






Pyramidal hopper or trough are available. Presented hoppers-have heights in the lowest feasible flange. To view the larger version of the diagram,  download the product bulletin.

Gold Cone ™ Filters

  • Extended capacity with patented inner cone of filtration media.
  • The inner cone Ensures homogeneous dispersion of the injected compressed air and releases more Useful space for the air flow in the dust collector.
  • The media for dust collector PolyTech ™ Camfil is The Most Technically advanced ever.
  • All Camfil filter media models Provide a separation efficiency of at least 99.999% for particles of 0.5 microns.
  • The double joint continuous seal Provides better protection contre leakage. No other filter model Does not offer Such a sealing device.
  • Filter technology  HemiPleat ®  Ensures uniform pleat spacing with synthetic ribs qui hold open the folds of the filter cartridge.

Normal airflow while dust collector is running. The exclusive and patented Gold Cone in the center of the cartridge offers benefits unavailable from Any competitive filter cartridges.

pneumatic cleaning

  • Through an internal conical injection molded structure Provided at the center of the cartridge, the cleaned by compressed air pulsed waves That the inner cone radiate outwards Ensuring optimum efficiency unclogging, better life cartridges and Reduced maintenance.
  • Tests show That this new pulse distribution method Improves the efficiency of air filtration.

Video: HemiPleat Dust Collector Filter Pulse Cleaning


filter media

  • Cartridges of 30 m2 (area of ​​the media) - 82 ° C max
  • HMPTS - HemiPleat PolyTech Standard
  • HMPTC - HemiPleat PolyTech Antistatic
  • HMPTF - HemiPleat PolyTech flame retardant
  • HMPTU - HemiPleat PolyTech Ultra High Efficiency
  • HMPTU - HemiPleat PolyTech Ultra High Efficiency with flame retardant
  • Cartridges of 21 m2 (area media) - 121 ° C max, washable
  • DPS - Dura-Pleat ® standard polyester 
  • DPA - Dura-Pleat to aluminized finish (anti-static)
  • DPO - Dura-Pleat to oleophobic treatment (moisture-proof)
  • DPT - Dura-Pleat with Teflon membrane


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