Handte EM Profi

Handte EM Profi

L’épurateur de brouillards Handte EM Profi utilise une conception modulaire et pratique pour fournir une séparation des brouillards d'émulsion (de refroidissement) efficace à haut rendement.

Emulsion mist problems solved

The purifier of Handte Profi EM emulsion mist separation for low maintenance, maintenance and low operating costs. The device is suitable for the most demanding applications in the treatment of mills, drilling, tapping, turning, grinding and other machining processes which use cooling oil emulsions.

Guaranteed not to leak

German engineering and manufacturing end of Camfil plants result from premium products. We guarantee the tightness of our purifiers mist emulsions.



Multi-stage filtration

We consistently achieve high separation performance by the design of our materials to meet the specific needs or to treat a given droplet spectrum. We do this through a design and engineering flow optimized in several stages:


  • FINAL FILTER - Security HEPA filters finishers reach 99.97% efficient on particles> 0.3 micron.
  • STAGE SEPARATION self-regenerating - The self-refrigeration is achieved by filter elements positioned diagonally with a slight slope and by the choice of materials and the packing density of our filtration cassettes. Which provides separation efficiency and optimal drainage.
  • EASY CONFIGURATION - The Handte Profi EM units are modular for capacity / size ratio and customizable with many optional accessories.


Video: Introducing the Handte EM Profi Coolant Mist Collector



  • PROFITABILITY INCOMPARABLE - Standard equipment, its safe operation, the self-cleaning system give great operating time and space the maintenance.
  • AUTOMATIC SPRAY - Patented system to eliminate clumping of the emulsion, our separators can be used almost maintenance free.
  • TWO FLOORS OF SEPARATION - Two floors to achieve a 99.9% filtration of particles> 1 micron. Compact and corrosion filter elements can be washed and reused.

practical use

The EM Handte Profi is extremely easy to maintain. Large doors lock quick service allows a single technician to easily perform soil installation and removal; eliminating labor or additional lifting equipment. The service life between replacements is up to six years for mist separation filters and two years for HEPA filters. Large maintenance doors and quick-clamping elements facilitate the rapid replacement without the filter tool. With these features, users of EM Handte Profi realize substantial savings through reduced downtime, periods of replacement and benefit from increased productivity and reliability.



modular design

  • minimum size, maximum performance
  • possible extension of the system as needed
  • short delivery time
  • Ease of transportation and installation

Core Modules

  • Versions ground / platform with optional return pump station (for separate fluid recirculation)
  • filtration module (containing the main and final filter)
  • connection box for use with an external fan. The connection can be left, right or back
  • Internal fan of compact design with integrated sound insulation
  • upper mounting fan

Models / Air Volume

  • 3.0 / 3000 m³ / h
  • 4.5 / 4500 m³ / h
  • 6.0 / 6000 m³ / h
  • 9.0 / 9000 m³ / h
  • 13.5 / 13500 m³ / h

Worker safety, efficiency of production and protection of capital goods can not be compromised. You are in the fog? Put yourself in relation to the professional of the emulsion - the EM Handte Profi.


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