Filtres HemiPleat

Filtres HemiPleat

Les filtres pour dépoussiéreurs HemiPleat® captent plus de poussière, permettent un meilleur décolmatage, durent plus longtemps et vous permettent de faire des économies. Quel que soit le modèle de dépoussiéreur dont vous êtes équipé, le filtre HemiPleat saura en améliorer les performances.

Fits Any precipitator

HemiPleat Replacement filters are available in all shapes and sizes.

The HemiPleat advanced pleating technology can greatly facilitate the maintenance of dust collectors.


  • 100% use of the media captures more air pollutants for a safer and cleaner working environment.
  • Save time and money: the maintenance is minimal and the filters last longer.
  • High efficiency filter - The PolyTech ™ HE filter media ensures high efficiency - gravimetric 99.999% for particles of 0.5 microns.
  • Option Media eXtreme - The Nano fibers offer superior efficiency and lowest pressure drop.
  • Best cleaning during the air injection phase comprimé- unclogging deep folds.
  • pleated media breathable - reduces filter replacement frequency.
  • Loss of limited load (Delta P) - the open space between the folds allows more efficient cleaning.
  • HemiPleat is the standard filter of all Farr Gold Series dust collectors.


Pleated Media breathable
Conventional filter
media pleated too tight

Profile HemiPleat

Our innovative pleating technology is the key to the exceptional performance of HemiPleat filters. Synthetic ribs hold the cartridge folds open with a large spacing that is not found in our competitors; their cartridges have indeed too tight folds preventing optimum use of the media.

Meeting airflow requirements with a 25% smaller housing allows the Farr Gold Series to deliver premium performance at a competitive price and take up less factory floor space. The Service Offering Numerous benefits are faster, trouble-free change-out of cartridges.

The wider spacing of HemiPleat filter pleats can expose a greater portion of the media to the gas flow, which reduces the pressure drop and improves the declogging of the cartridges when cleaning pulse.

With air boxes 25% less bulky to air flow / pressure equal, allows Farr Gold Series units offer the highest level of performance at competitive prices, to save space. The advantages in terms of maintenance are many, thanks to easily and quickly replaceable cartridges.


"HemiPleat solved my life problems cartridges. Unclogging folds is very effective, something you do not see with the folds of the standard cartridges."

Grant Bowry, Air & Energy Solutions


Video: Dust Collector Filter Pulse Cleaning


Media eXtreme HemiPleat

Download brochure HemiPleat eXtreme (PDF)


In addition to the standard PolyTech ™ filter media, HemiPleat® is also available with the media eXtreme composed of nanofibers. This technology allows the base material to have a higher porosity than the standard cellulose products and thus to reduce the pressure drop. The layers of nanoparticulate media ensure high filtration efficiency and prevents penetration of fine particles in the heart of the media.

The media HemiPleat eXtreme improves the quality of the filtration, is more durable and better support the power of a compressed air injection cleaning. These benefits increase the filter lifetime and reduce operating costs, allowing you to save

Key Benefits filters HemiPleat eXtreme

  • Efficiency F9 media (MERV15) - higher than the M5 cellulose filters (MERV 10) and competing products nanofiber F7 (MERV13).
  • Provides a lower loss in the long term load on difficult applications such as laser cutting and plasma arc welding, thermal spraying, etc.
  • The coating of HemiPleat eXtreme filters is thick, strong and visible. competitors of nano-coatings are so thin that they are almost invisible. You get to wonder if they are there.




What is the rate of effectiveness?

Pictures on the right show an extremely fine fiber layer (image A) applied to the surface of cellulose based fibers (B picture) in order to increase their efficiency M5 (MERV10) F9 (MERV15) or a higher efficiency rates than most other filters nanofibers on the market (having a F7 efficiency - MERV13).

MERV is an ASHRAE standard scale whose efficiency is between 1 and 16, 16 being the highest. Camfil APC also offers a high efficiency media (High Efficiency - ET), with a rate identical efficiency H 10 (MERV16) for a maximum initial efficiency. An efficiency of 99.999% at greater than 0.5 micron particles. Mass emissions are below 2 mg / m3 for most applications.

A. Mixture of cellulose and polyester with membrane eXtreme
B. Blend Cellulose and Polyester


Why HemiPleat eXtreme filters they are better than other materials?

  • A reduced pressure drop through a spacing of greater and better cleaning efficiency folds reduces energy costs by reducing the consumption of compressed air. 
  • A larger amount of media is available for filtration, providing better performance and a longer lifespan. 
  • As these are the partitions, not the media pleats, which are in contact with the inner cage, the filter is protected against damage due to friction. 
  • Camfil APC provides a written guarantee for the performance of HemiPleat filters. Do not hesitate to ask.

In addition to Gold Cone ™ cartridges for the Farr Gold Series ® , media HemiPleat eXtreme is available as  replacement filters  for different brands cartridge dust collectors.  Download the leaflet trade for more details and to know the different types of eXtreme media available.



HemiPleat ®  Synthetic Media Filters


Synthetic HemiPleat Download Brochure (PDF)


What is HemiPleat Synthetic?

Camfil APC HAS brought` together two proven technologies of ict to Produce a dust collector filter with an efficient hybrid media suitable for harsh environments and humid able Maintaining of long life. NEW This media offers all the advantages of HemiPleat technology with the durability of Dura-Pleat® media.

HemiPleat Synthetic is a light-weight 100% spun bond polyester media in a pleated design maximizes That area area while Maintaining open pleat spacing. The 'wider spacing of the HemiPleat design more media exposed to the air stream qui results in lower pressure drop and Improved dust release During pulse cleaning. The light-weight polyester design Promotes an Increase in filtration area area at no added cost When Compared To the Dura-Pleat filter.

HemiPleat Synthetic media is available for Farr Gold Series ®  Gold Cone filters as well as retrofit filters to fit competitor dust collectors.


Sturdy and durable, this media is moisture resistant and is not affected by harsh environments in humid operating temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit or less. This washable media May be reused in Many applications.


Key Benefits of Synthetic HemiPleat

  • More media available for filtration resulting and in Improved performance and longer life.
  • Washable media and resistant to moisture.
  • Ideally suited to tough applications Including heavy dust loading requirements and / or hygroscopic dust properties as seen in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

State-of-the-art pleating technology is the key to the HemiPleat's superior performance. Techniques used to manufacture the media packs of this cartridge are single, patented, and never-have-been Applied to a cylindrical industrial dust collection filter before. Synthetic beads hold the pleats of the cartridge open with wide pleat spacing not found in competitor cartridges, qui are packed too tightly to maximize media use.

Synthetic HemiPleat est disponible with  eXtreme nano fibers  Applied. The eXtreme layer acts like a prefilter to the media base and Does not allow dust particles to MOST "depth load" (or embed in the media). Most of the dust is captured at the area of the media Because The pores on the eXtreme media are so small. This "loading area" is what Increases the cleaning filters Ability, qui in turn extends filter life.



HemiPleat face Competition


Download HemiPleat Guarantee (PDF) 

HemiPleat vs. Competitor

The HemiPleat filters ® Antistatic combine high filtration efficiency, antistatic properties, durability and energy performance. We use a specific media impregnated carbon designed for use with dust generating static charges which need to be dissipated.


  • silica dust
  • Plastic
  • PVC or composite dust
  • Carbon Black / toner
The HemiPleat Antistatic cartridges adapt to most industrial dust collectors.

Antistatic cartridges can also be used on combustible dust to meet 
the ATEX regulations. The HemiPleat antistatic media is available in a wide range of cartridges HemiPleat adapting to existing precipitators. It is also the only filter to combine antistatic properties with a patented design with wide pleats, allowing better circulation of the air flow, energy savings and an improvement of cleaning.


HMPTC - PolyTech ™ Antistatic (color: black) - MERV 10 Proprietary blend of cellulose and polyester fibers with silicone treatment against moisture, to obtain release characteristics to dust and high filtration efficiency on the long term. Chemically treated and impregnated with carbon for antistatic properties.



effectiveness :
99.99% of particles larger than 0.5 microns
Air permeability :
457-640 m³ / m² h at 125 Pa
Bursting strength (Mullen test) :
2.8 Dry bar - 1.4 bar - Minimum
Seal :
Continuously cast urethane (seamless)
ends :
galvanized steel (top and bottom) - Option: stainless steel
Sealant :
Maximum Operating Temperature :
71 ° C (82 ° C peak)

HemiPleat Flame Retardant, Conductive Media Option

This filter is the first to combine conductive and flame retardant properties in a single filter That aussi offers high efficiency, long service life, and energy-efficient performance.

  • The special carbon-impregnated filter media is designed for dust-handling applications require That flame resistance as well as dissipation of static charges - Including Many metal dusts; fumed silica dust; plastic, PVC or composite dusts; pharmaceutical dusts and carbon black / toner dusts. The cartridge filters are Especially suited to explosive dust applications, making it feasible to accordance to NFPA and ATEX requirements and lessen the risk of ignition sources due to static electricity charges. 
  • The new "two-in-one" conductivity / flame retardant filters Often allow the use of dry dust collectors media-type applications in Otherwise Where They couldn't-have-been used. They are available in a choice of two types of media: the standard HemiPleat open-pleat high efficiency media, or the eXtreme HemiPleat nano fiber media qui offers a MERV 15 efficiency rating and enhanced performance on difficulties dust / smoke applications and highly explosive processes.

See our PDF Performance Guarantee - The HemiPleat filters operate with a reduced pressure drop (saves energy), meets or exceeds the discard rates standards and above all ... you are saving money.



HemiPleat ®  compared to competitive filters

The manufacturing technology of the media of our filter cartridges is unique and does not exist in any other industrial dust filter. Synthetic ribs maintain the folds of the cartridge open with a large spacing; in the cartridges of our competitors, the folds are too tight, which prevents air circulation.

The wider spacing of the folds of HemiPleat filters can expose the entire media to the airflow, thereby reducing the pressure drop and improves the declogging of the cartridges when cleaning pulse.


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