Quad Pulse Package Dust Collectors for Pharma

Quad Pulse Package Dust Collectors for Pharma

Le Quad Pulse est un dépoussiéreur compact à nettoyage automatique par air comprimé destiné à l'industrie pharmaceutique et chimique.

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Combining performance and economy

Many methods of the pharmaceutical industry, including hazardous dust with high concentrations. Automatic cleaning and filtration units are required.

The Quad Pulse PX uses a segmented cleaning of the cartridge, the advantages are:

  • Inexpensive, compact cleaning unit using a single filter cartridge.
  • ................. The quality of manufactured products.
  • Energy savings due to low pressure drop of the filter.
  • Use of technology Camfil HemiPleat which improves the life and reduced maintenance.

The Quad Pulse PX

Filtration unit suitable for pharmaceutical manufacturing process:

Stage 1:

HEPA filter finisher. HEPA filter finisher. HEPA filter finisher.

Stage 2:

Absolute HEPA H14 filter for capturing the finest dust particles and most harmful.

Compact, easily implantable

The floor space in production plants is sometimes reduced and in any case to maintain maximum. Its compact design and in accordance with ATEX directives without installation constraints (no safe area to observe) makes it easy to install the client wants.

High performance, low noise

The integrated fan provides the vacuum necessary for most applications. In addition, the unit is soundproofed for operation with low noise level




For flammable / explosive dusts require full containment


The compact and robust design incorporates a unique QUAD PULSE HEPA filter, with specialty materials in the aerospace industry, with the following key benefits:

  • The HEPA filter Quad Pulse used for filtration of fine particles, was tested as a barrier to the flame.
  • Additional safety devices explosion, expensive, are not required.
  • The unit casing has been designed and tested to withstand the effects of an explosion without deformation.
  • compact unit that can be installed wherever the customer wants the security zone without constraint. This also reduces the size of the suction networks.


BIBO security (Bag-In / Bag-Out) in all interventions




BIBO device for the primary filter: Use Camtain system, the market leader, incorporating an antistatic bag BIBO, to provide a complete solution containment protect operators and prevent cross contamination.



BIBO device for the HEPA filter: Use CamSafe BIBO system incorporating a bag to ensure total containment of the finest particles and most harmful.



BIBO device for the removal of dust: A quick and simple operation to remove the dust collected with full containment that secures the operator and the environment.


Filtration and security of different manufacturing processes of pharmaceutical powders

  • Mixing and weighing
  • Granulation
  • drying
  • filming
  • Compression
  • Conditioning
  • Packaging

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